Love Life, Love Hockey

Brad Marchand is my spirit aunimal.

Lover of all Boston sports but especially the Bruins.

Shameful and conflicted love for Carey Price, Henrik Lundquist, and Sidney Crosby. Sorry.



"I don’t understand why you wear your jersey when watching games at home" LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE FAMOUS QUOTE OF SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT UNDERSTAND SPORTS AND FANS. 

gonna let y’all in on a secret: we wear our jerseys to ensure the effectiveness of the satanic ritual that is sports

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Is it wrong that I even think he’s hot when he’s blinking?

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The reason why I won’t be on today or tomorrow


I had to spend the night in the hospital because yesterday I stopped breathing and it turns out the inner walls of my lungs swelled up making it so I had to gasp for air every time I took a deep breathe in. And every time I did take a deep breathe in they just swelled even more making it so I was shallow breathing really bad and eventually stopped so my mom had to call 911 and I had to get taken to the hospital in the ambulance. So my night has sucked.

Holy hell, feel better!

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Daily struggle

  • some girls: I want the D.
  • me: I want the D...
  • me: step up their game because tight defense is the key to winning games.